Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bedford Guide ch. 5-6

Small Disclaimer: My major and I are not getting along right now; prepare for a semi-uninsightful (that's a made up word, but the Grammar Snob says that's ok) blog. Sorry in advance.

The chapters due tomorrow are 5 and 6 (hopefully anyways because those are the ones I just read), and here's my 2 cents. Let's start with ch. 5:
Learning Styles- I thought this section was helpful to note because I find learning styles interesting for no good reason really. I think my interest started during my training at the Learning Center when we discussed methods for tutoring to different needs. I think writing is a little easier to manipulate than math because you can color code ideas, read aloud, move pages around, and several other techniques that are fun to play around with. Whitney did some pretty cool research on ADD as a learning style that was nifty to read to.
I have a small bone to pick with the section on anxiety. I agree with what the sections says about relating to the student (a benefit of being a tutor vs a teacher I think). However, I hate how the author lists a chart of stressors and then pretends that some magical planning technique makes these anxieties disappear. If that idea works for you, than kudos to you. Personally the time I spend making the depressing list of things I will never get to takes away the time I should be spending doing said things. Ok small rant over

Ch 6. was helpful in some aspects, but others made me want to cry. For example, I think the most helpful page of the book thus far is the one that lists all of the OWL's. Good stuff. However, I think the least helpful pages were those about online tutoring (that could be do to a strong prejudice I have against online tutoring though). I think the rest of the info (the stuff about determining website credibility) was somewhere in the middle. I think it is good to know (when you yourself are writing a paper), but I think it is more info for the classroom not so much the tutor to explain.

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