Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Anybody else up for a nap??

Well today is Wednesday, and Whitney and I have our project mostly done. I guess it was a little bit bigger of an idea than we thought it was going to be. C'est la vie. Anyways I've noticed something about the English dept in general this week...a severe lack of sympathy (no offense Dr. McKinney); I joke...5 papers plus our portfolio due before finals. Compared to some of the people I've been talking to, I've got it easy (poor kids). Is this some sort of weeding-out process by the dept to get rid of people who don't want to be here, or is this some cruel scientific study to test how much (or little)sleep students actually need to function? I'm starting to believe the latter. I would be blogging about some insightful subject from a class today instead of this rant; however, due to project overload I have not been to many classes this week, and expect I'm not alone. What really puts the topping on the cake is having to study the effects of stress and sleeplessness in Health class this week (it's not a pretty subject). Anyways, I'm not blaming the professors; truth be told I am quite the procrastinator. However I really believe that a lot of my (and other students') procrastination is because when there is a breather where I could work ahead, I have no motivation because I'm so tired/burned out by that point. It's a vicious cycle. Ok, well rant official over... I hope everyone else is handling pre-finals well. My best advice- Walmart: individual ice cream cups/frozen pie slices and Starbucks; may they bring you all the joy and caffination they have brought me.

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