Monday, April 14, 2008

Paper 3

Finally, observations are finished and writing on paper 3 can begin... This was my thought when I left Friday with the full intentions of producing a well-developed, interactive, paper 3 website. Long story short, it hasn't quite happened yet. Whitney and I have the final product in our heads, and we have a draft mostly prepared for peer review. Unfortunately I have been slowly losing motivation the last few weeks of the semester (or really since we moved back in in August :) ) I need to step back and refocus, but instead I'd rather play outside. Hopefully Whitney and I can stay on task and are ideas will all come together the way we imagined it. I think group papers are the hardest to write because each member has her own unique style that sounds completely different from the other members. Yet, I like working with other people to feed off of their ideas and collaborate to make better ones. Perhaps Whitney and I should go to the Writing Center...anyone still need observations??

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