Sunday, March 2, 2008

Midterms make me sad

I wasn't exactly sure what to blog about for this week, so I thought I would simply say my thoughts concerning English in general for the moment. First of all, I am a little worried about the midterm. Grammar and I do not get along very well when it comes to explaining the rules. I can generally use most of them; I simply don't know when or why I do what I do. I guess that sort of thing will be good to know as a tutor however, so I'll try to learn it as best I can. In other English news, I read a novella this weekend for my Eng 230 class called, "The Dead" (are novellas underlined or quotationed a word... this midterm will clearly not go well). Talk about a depressing story. It's about this poor guy who comes to realize that he never had a love with his wife the way he thought he did... not exactly the romance I hoped it would be. I think I have to go watch a chick flick now. I'll try to find a grammatically intelligent one and kill two birds with one stone :)

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